Thursday, May 05, 2005

Experience Podcasting

PODCASTING - Static Web pages and blogs are old news.... experience podcasting

It's a new way to listen 'live' broadcasts when ever you want. Sort of mobile version of Radio on-demand. But what makes it very interesting is that everyone can be radio stars. And that's why there's a world full of all kinds of podcasts about various issues.

"Podcasting is a way of publishing sound files to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new audio files automatically. Podcasting is distinct from other types of audio content delivery because it uses the RSS protocol. This technique has enabled many producers to create self-published, syndicated radio shows."

Information about podcasting origins

oftware to subscribe, download and review podcasts

This is one of my favorite podcasts coming from 'TC', Rotterdam ,Holland

(Copy this link below and insert it to your Podcast software as a new subscription)

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Some links about Podcasting
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