Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The battle of giants in the Cloud service platform arena - over $14 Billion to take in 2017

Microsoft, Google, Amazon and cloud services vendor competition
Which one will hit the bullseye with their Cloud service platforms?
Microsoft, Google or Amazon?
Q: 'How is the weather?'
A: 'Well, I think it's going to be CLOUDY'

But it might be that you'll see couple of bigger clouds in the sky rather than scattered smaller clouds. At least when you look what the giants are doing at the moment. According to the IDC press release about the Platfom-as-a-Service (Paas),  the market is going to grow to over $14 billion in 2017. The total market is going to be segmented into six competitive sub-markets: application platform-as-a-service, database platform-as-a-service, integration platform-as-a-service, business process management platform-as-a-service, cloud testing and other platform-as-a-service. And guess who's in the top of the list of taking the biggest shares from it? Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine and Amazon Web Services. They are there already. Next to them there are many players wanting to get their share like Oracle and IBM and many other vendors knocking at the door building their cloud based platforms.

This all will change everything. Not only the way we consume IT. But also the way we need to build the infrastructure. It's going to change not only the IT business, bringing a whole new era of services and applications and devices we didn't dream of. But it's hitting also the traditional business. It will eventually close down a lot of companies that are not following their time and developing their offering. Also those totally new ways of doing things with the new technology opportunities will drive some other business areas out of business. Not only happy things will come out from this development. People will need to adapt more and faster than ever before to keep up.

Customers don't necessarily even know they're not ready for the new era and the new usage of IT and data. The networks, the infrastructure, is not there yet. Not even close. The usability, accessibility, availability and cloud security will drive a major role in the future. Who are the companies today capable of building all this that we'll need tomorrow?

The big leading IT companies, the visionaries, will create the new market and the new demand. Many of the present companies are not ready for it. And many vendors we know will either be acquired or just will vanish from the market losing their business. The same thing that happen with Kodak in the camera and film industry. It's really time to wake up. This is the last call to get onto the train.

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