Thursday, June 28, 2012

Using iPad at work and in private life

It's been about 2 years when I got my first iPad(1), then right after the iPad2 came into market I sold my old iPad and bought new one, with 32Gb memory and the 3G feature. With the 3G feature I could be connected to the internet where ever I was. At the time I already used iPad daily. The user interface was far beyond anything so far, mostly due to the size of the screen and the nicely working touch screen (compared to other versions of touch screens I had seen in the past from other vendors.). But it was more for browsing web, using apps and for fun. But when I got iPad2 which had better support of showing the apps in beamer (video projector) I really could start to use it in my work too, which includes many times the need for showing presentations, tools and web pages in the screen. So very soon I bought the necessary cable for connecting the VGA into the iPad. And I also bought the Keynote software for presentations. I had my laptop with me always as a backup (still have), but I used iPad and quite soon I was convinced it really worked well. One of the very good things was the 3G, which was enough for showing web pages and tools in the web (fortunately the tools I showed didn't use Flash which wouldn't have worked with the iPad), so I didn't need to ask for wireless access and play with different usernames and passwords at each different customer site. Only thing that I noticed was that if I showed videos in the meeting room with the iPad speaker, I could turn the volume all the way up and still it was quite difficult to hear anything because of the humming air conditions at the offices. The solution for that came when Nokia announced their portable, chargeable Bluetooth speaker. I had tried other speakers, but they all had the problem of lacking the low bass tones, so the sound was thin and didn't actually differ very much from the iPad speaker. But the Nokia speaker really had kind of subwoofer which was the best I've heard so far (still the best I've seen). I've changed my phone away from Nokia into iPhone since I was disappointed with the user interface in Nokia phones for many years and their poor selection of software for the phones. But the loudspeaker is great! I've noticed that Nokia does actually best cameras for the portable devices and they seem to make the best loudspeakers also on that market segment. Maybe they should move again into new areas as they've done so many times in the past. So now I have my iPad and loudspeaker, neither one needing any kind of wires, and I get into my presentations and documents either from the device itself with the saved offline documents, or if needed, I can  get into my documents in my dropbox (web service for making your documents privately or publicly available), or probably Apple iCloud in the future as well.  I can also show photos my Flickr Pro service which is also nice, you don't need to have all the photos in iPad since they really take a lot of space. Since playing instruments and making music is also my hobby I've bought quite many apps for creating music (some very good apps have actually been free). And my other hobby, taking photos, have also crawled into iPad world by the variation of different kind of apps and services like Instamatic. When I'm traveling and actually in my home also, I read ebooks, and for that I use Amazon Kindle software that opens a huge amount of reasonable priced books (around 5-20 USD). It's great! I also use local TV broadcasting company app for recording the movies and TV series, all from my iPad. And then I watch them when I want streamed over the internet into my home TV.

Now iPad3 was launched but I didn't see there so much improvements that I would have ran into Apple store to buy one. When more and more apps are starting to demand higher CPU power than iPad2 can offer then I'm probably forced to upgrade, but for now I'm hanging in there with my iPad2 and probably waiting if I can skip the ver3 and go straight to ver4 which hopefully have something more to offer. But in the nutshell, maybe a cliché but I really wouldn't like to be without iPad anymore. It's perfect both at work and in my private life.